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Symptoms of bad motherboard

Faulty capacitors have been discovered in motherboards as old as Socket 7 in 1996 and have affected equipment manufactured up to at least 2007. The most common method of identifying capacitors which have failed because of bad electrolyte is visual inspection. The capacitance may degrade to 4% of the original value, as opposed to an expected 50% capacity degradation over the lifetime. Such a capacitor will show one or more of these symptoms like bulging of the vent on the top of the capacitor. The impression forms the seams of the vent. It is designed so that if the capacitor becomes pressurized it will split at the vent’s seams relieving the pressure rather than exploding, sitting crooked on the circuit board as the bottom rubber plug is pushed out, electrolyte a crusty brown substance leaked onto the motherboard from the base of the capacitor or vented from the top, visible as rust-like brown deposits, or a visible hole in the vent.

Faulty capacitors common symptoms are :