PC Repair in Miami


Our desktop repair service offers the highest quality for all our customers and our goal is to provide the best possible service, fixing any problems in the shortest space of time possible. Computer repair Miami is always training to perfect our delivery so that we can offer the very best in customer care to all our clients in Miami. We can deal with every computer problem you throw at us, whether it affects a desktop or laptop and If we need to take your computer away for the repair we will also bring it back as soon as it’s fixed. It doesn’t matter if it is hardware or software problem, we will find the root cause and offer you the very best, most cost effective solution.



Each data loss situation is unique and Computer Repair Miami has developed proprietary hardware and software that allows us to deliver custom data recovery solutions for all common and catastrophic data loss situations in the area of Miami.




If a virus was detected in your computer and your Antivirus software stop working or you’re not running an antivirus and your computer has become slow and unreliable, it’s possible that you have a virus and it’s important to clean your computer.




Computer optimizations is to improve your computer's performance, making use of handy shortcuts in the Windows operating system, and creating and maintaining a backup schedule. Our optimization services include operating system tweaks.




Add a more powerful video card or CPU ( Processor ) for gaming and graphic design, and let Computer Repair Miami install it for you. We’ll make sure you select the right equipment for your computer, we offer a number of repair and upgrade services for your desktop computer.




There are many reasons why a computer won't turn on and often very few clues about what might be the problem. Our technicians can resolve most problems related to loading your operating system. A computer that won't start is frustrating, but the problem is often easy to fix.




A faulty or damaged Desktop motherboard can display numerous problems and the most frequent of them is to show no sign of activity which can be a result of malfunction of a simple resistor or capacitors and with hundreds of minute components on a single motherboard.



We specialize in total IT Support, installation and repair for small & medium sized business in and around the Miami-Dade areas. Our typical customer has between 3 and 20 computers with single or multiple servers, is a professional services business and relies heavily on email and the internet for communication. Computer Repair Miami cover nearly all cases of Computer failure, from the most simple like driver issues to more complex. Our client confidentiality is the principle that an institution or individual should not reveal information about their clients.

Our Services :

  • We are an Miami-based IT Support Company
  • We are Fast, Reliable, Cost Effective and Highly Qualified.
  • 100% Free Network Problem Prevention Audit for new customers
  • 100% Guarantee

Computers break down and they always will. Most people don't have either the time or knowledge to fix problems and would much rather leave it to Computer Repair Miami, we have been fixing just about every computer problem you can throw at us for the last 7 years and with thousands of satisfied customers.

Below are just a few of the services we provide :

  • Viruses and Malware Removal
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Operating System and Application Updates
  • Replacement of Failed Hardware
  • System Upgrades
  • Screen Replacements
  • Power Sockets Repairs
  • Chipset and Board level Repairs
  • Apple mac repairs
  • Hardware Diagnostic and Repair
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Mac Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Virus & spyware removal

Computer Repair Miami is computer repair shop that repair, software & hardware computers. At computer repair miami we are always refining the format of our business, while at the same time delivering a fantastic experience and level of service to our customers and it's our primary goal to offer a really simple computer repair option. Our Expert team is capable of fixing pretty much any problem, in our computer repair shop or on-site, this means a fast solution when you need it most.

Our list below gives a brief outline of the services we provide :

  • Macbook LCD Screen Repair
  • Mac Screen Repair
  • Desktop Power Supply Repair
  • Desktop MotherBoard Repair
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • Mac Keyboard Repair
  • Laptop Liquid Damage

Whether you use your computer for business or pleasure, our team of expert technicians will be happy to diagnose and remedy any computer problems you might be having. Services range from virus removal, problems with startup, blue screen of death, upgrades of all types and a range of optimization procedures to keep you running at full speed.