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All Macs Motherboard that arrive at Mac Motherboard repair Miami for logic board repair go through a complete diagnostic beforehand to verify that the symptom is in fact related to the logic board, Mac Motherboards contain some non volatile memory to initialize the system and load some startup software, usually an operating system, from some external peripheral device, microcomputers such as the Apple II and IBM PC used ROM chips mounted in sockets on the motherboard, at power up the central processor would load its program counter with the address of the boot ROM and start executing instructions from the ROM, these instructions initialized and tested the system hardware, displayed system information on the screen, performed RAM checks, and then loaded an initial program from an external or peripheral device disk drive.

We offer a full component level Mac motherboard repair service, the MacBook repair service for any Apple model for a BGA type repair is professionally carried out by a company with more than 6 years experience and is fully 30 days guaranteed, in many cases we also replace components rather than attempt to repair a faulty chipset, such as the Graphics Processor Unit or South Bridge & North Bridge, if your MacBook has stopped working and all the repair solutions you have been given is for the motherboard to be replaced, at Mac Motherboard Repair Miami we carry out motherboard repairs ranging from BGA swapping and video chip replacements on motherboards like NVIDIA, ATI, INTEL rebelling, we do more than repair Mac Motherboard repair, we can optimize and upgrade MacBook Pro to run faster and become more reliably while eliminating any problems you may have, we will repair and give your MacBook Pro a complete overhaul so it will run like new!. Plus we come to you for free only in Miami area and you can have your MacBook repaired same day.

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Mac Motherboard Repair Miami is a dedicated Mac Motherboard repair company ready to help you resolve your Apple problems, with a highly qualified team of experts, we are able to repair MacBook Pro, we are so confident with the quality of our Mac repairs that we give you a full 30 days warranty with every one, if your question please call or email us and we will be able to help you.

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We offer Apple motherboard replacement services at reasonable prices, in situations where the motherboard may be too badly damaged and cannot be repaired. Computer Repair Miami is a Apple repair Company and we stock enough of parts to cut the turnaround time for repair and our job covered by 30 days warranty, we use new parts for replacement. We are specialists in Broken Power Pins, Keyboard repairs, Screen Replacements, Power Adapters and Data Restore, remember that we carry out component level repairs on all makes and models of Apple Motherboard, our skilled engineers have many years experience in motherboard electronics and our usual turn around on mac repairs is from 1 – 3 working days depending on nature of fault, we are open seven days for Mac Motherboard repairs and repair all the best repair shop in Miami, FL.