Laptop Power Jack Repair Miami

Laptop DC connector or DC power jack for one common type of connector is an electrical connector for supplying direct current DC power to the laptop, compared to domestic AC power plugs and sockets, DC connectors have many more standard types that are not interchangeable, the dimensions and arrangement of DC connectors can be chosen to prevent accidental interconnection of incompatible sources and loads, power jack types vary from small coaxial connectors used to power portable electronic devices from AC adapters, to connectors used for automotive accessories and for battery packs in portable equipment.

Laptop’s DC-in jack is the connection between the Laptop AC adapter and the motherboard, as power enters the AC adapter from a wall outlet, it is converted to the DC power that a laptop requires to function the DC-in jack is the port through which this power travels, some of this power is routed to the laptop’s battery, charging it for mobile use, the rest is used to power the laptop while it is on and in use.

Here is a List of DC Laptop that we repair & Replace :

If your DC jack is loose, don’t continue to use it, we know you want to just tug the cord to the left or right, but you are actually making it worse, it is much easier and safer to tighten the jack, then to outright replace it, the way Motherboard are made, the plastic material can only take so much stress, it can only take so many reheats, it can only endure a limited number of power jack repairs.

Symptoms of a Damage DC Power Jack :

With our DC jack repairs, you get a 30 days warranty, our technicans also have invested in only the best soldering equipment to safely remove the old DC jack from the laptop and to replace it with a new DC power jack, all without damaging the motherboard, would you love to have Miami Computer repair Site technicans who perform more DC power jacks than any other repair center in Miami to repair your DC jack, rather than having it repaired by somebody in their house basement.