Mac Screen Repair


We offer many MacBook lcd screen repair services to you and our prices are lower than most MacBook repair providers in Miami, we repair all MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iBook, and Powerbook orders the same day we receive them. Computer Repair Miami only uses new screens and all screens carry a 30 Days warranty against defects. Screen replacements are usually completed the same day your Mac arrives at our Computer Repair Miami Shop. Let us replace your cracked MacBook screen, and our large stock and professional fitting make it easy to have your Macbook screen replaced.

We have over 7 years of experience in repairing Apple computers hardware and software in machines like MacBook Pro + Air, iMac and PowerMac or PowerBook, and we know that the most common repairs in all Apple computers are hard drive replacements, screen replacements, keyboard replacements, or optical drive replacement, so we always have some replacement parts at hand that’s why we can perform the repair in a short period of time to make sure that’s our customers are always happy with the service we provide.

What’s the difference between LCD and LED ?

LCD screens use fluorescent bulbs to provide the backlighting and LED screens use LEDs to provide the backlighting to the display. LED screens use less power and are overall better for the environment, since the connections are totally different, the screens are not interchangeable.

Computer Repair Miami Promise :

We fix all MacBook screen related issues for the entire family of Apple MacBook 13-15-17 laptops, and our fast service for MacBook LCD screen repair and replacement couldn‘t be easier. Please feel free to contact us any time between 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week for free advice, quotes and to arrange a collection. We only use the correct Apple OEM screen replacement part for your MacBook. What does this mean? It means you won’t find your screen going dark or the colours becoming dim over time.

Mac Screen Repair Services :

We operate a full Apple support service and maybe you have a small crack in your MacBook screen or have done significant damage to both the screen and hinges, don’t worry, we can repair or replace everything that’s needed to get you back up and running. We are a Apple Macs specialist in the diagnosis and repair of all kinds of MacBook Pro problems, getting you back up and running in no time, We will diagnose your MAC problem and let you know where the issue lies before completing any work. Computer Repair Miami work with all kinds of computer, from desktop PCs to Apple Macintosh machines.