Laptop DC Jack Repair in Miami

If the only way you can turn on your computer is to hold the power plug at an angle or wiggle it, you have a bad DC jack or power jack, replacing the DC jack can save you money over the price of a new logic board, we stock DC jacks for many popular laptop brands, we can usually provide same or next day service depending on availability. We know that laptop power jacks usually fail from oxidation due to normal wear and tear or universal adapter tips that don’t fit snuggly, both cause the jack to wiggle around which weakens the solder joints and damages the jack. When the DC power jack is loose, the most important step is to stop wiggling it and either replace it or re-solder it and there is no such thing as a non-fixable laptop; it only depends on how long it would take to actually fix it, remember you do not have to replace your motherboard if the laptop dc jack connector is not working.

If you are looking for a friendly and reliable power jack repair service in Miami, FL, look no further, computer repair miami provide our customers with a fast and reliable Laptop DC Power Jack repair service for homes and businesses in the Miami area. We have Local Technicians in your area who will come and pick up your laptop at no extra cost, repair your laptop dc power jack and delivery back to you much faster than any other company in Miami. Laptop Power jack repair on laptops is a very common service that computer repair miami perform here, we do specialize in dc power jack replacements on laptop computers, DC Power Jack on the laptop is also known as an dc power connector, dc power socket, it goes bad if you would accidentally drop the laptop from a table and it lands on a dc power plug that would push and break the inside power jack connector of your laptop.

Symptoms of a broken DC power jack :

We charge a flat rate fee of $49 for our services, that does not include parts. We only use brand new power jack and a brand new power plug for your AC adapter if your AC adapter’s plug is faulty and we guarantee our work by 30 Days.

When choosing us as your service provider please keep the following facts in mind:

We offer free pickup and drop off of your laptop within our Miami service area, our support professionals will disassemble your laptop, desolder the broken dc power jack and solder a new dc power jack in its place, apply epoxy to the new jack, so that you will never need to repair the power jack on your laptop again.