laptop-repair-miami-servicesWe want to be your Computer Techs For Life! We are dedicated to bringing affordable and high quality laptop repair to residents of Miami Dade and Broward County. We know how important time is for you and we know how frustrating it is when your laptop breaks down, you need a fast turnaround and a professional service, computer repair miami will respond promptly and we’ll have you back in working order either the same day or the next day in most cases, because we know how important it is for you to have your laptop running. We troubleshoot, diagnose, build, service, maintain and repair all types of laptops, hardware & software, on-site and in-shop, with a fast turnaround, reliable service and Affordable Prices.

Our expert LCD screen repair technicians will make sure the right LCD screen is selected and installed for your notebook model and we use the most accurate method for finding the right laptop LCD screen is to use the original manufacturer (OEM) part number directly off the back of the notebook LCD screen that you want to replace.


While many computer repair centers are aware of this issue and will not refer you to us and including the large nationwide stores and the laptop’s manufacturer, will either tell you the machine is not repairable or that it needs a new motherboard with a quote of several hundred dollars for the repairs. We do laptop power jack repair on a daily basis on all brands of laptops for home users, businesses, and other computer stores all over Miami.

Symptoms of a broken laptop power jack:

  • The laptop only runs when you keep the power cord in a certain direction.
  • The laptop only runs on battery power.
  • The laptop will not charge the battery.
  • The laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently.
  • The unit suddenly shuts off.
  • Sparks come out of the back of the laptop.

Oh no, the keyboard on your laptop stopped working! One common component on computers that takes a lot of abuse is the lowly keyboard. On a desktop, it is a fairly straight forward process to replace the keyboard, however, on a laptop it can be something else altogether. Some laptop keyboard repairs may be covered by the manufacturer warranty. Our inventory includes keyboard for popular models of many of the top brands. If we do not have your keyboard in stock, our technicians will research the local stock to see if we can find it locally. If we cannot find the keyboard locally, then we would order the keyboard online and you will be notified as soon as the keyboard arrives usually within 5-7 business days.


When a Laptop hard drive goes bad, the first thing you' ll probably panic when you realize that you didn't back up your files and you'll know when your hard drive goes dead, the computer will boot up, but the operating system won't, or boots up but loses access to files very frequently. Computer Repair Miami will replace your HDD and install a new OS in your laptop.


The worst thing that can happen to most laptop users, aside from the loss of the whole laptop, is hard drive failure, the hard drive holds all of your data and files. We’ve recovered from all types of Laptop hdd deleted, corrupt, missing, or inaccessible data loss quickly and securely and will have you back up and running in no time.


Memory upgrades allow you and your business to be more efficient and Without a doubt, compatibility is the most important factor in buying a memory upgrade for your laptop or computer. Your RAM must be compatible with your laptop.


Does your laptop over heat then shutdown on its own? It may be time to have your cooling system checked out. This is an inexpensive repair that can save you from having to replace your motherboard in the future. Our laptop repair service guarantees the best quality repair and maintenance with minimum charges in Miami.


Imagine that a beautiful day, you are sitting comfortably on the couch, you are opening the laptop lid and one of the hinges cracks, and you think, you have to pay outrageous cost for repair in the laptop service shop or the hinges on laptops often become loose through wear and tear and will result in a screen that will not stay in place. This can be more than an inconvenience because if the laptop screen falls and closes too hard, the LCD screen can crack. Hinges however often are not as simple as they appear or should be on laptops and often times a hinge replacement runs through the entire assembly of the laptop. Computer Repair Miami offer laptop hinge replacement and laptop hinge repair on all major brands of laptops in Miami.


If you have already installed an antivirus program on your computer, it's important that you keep it up to date. Because new viruses are being written all the time, most antivirus programs are updated frequently.

Does your computer have one of the following problems?

  • Slow performance, Wont Start
  • Internet Explorer errors or lockups
  • Excessive "pop-up" advertisements
  • Home page has changed, Rebooting
  • Email or Internet access a lot slower
  • System lockups, Blue Screen, Freezes

Then it's possible that your laptop is infected with a virus or it is full of spyware and adware and immediate Virus and Spyware Repair Service is needed to remove the virus or spyware, adware from your laptop and ensure both the privacy of your files and that the virus or worm does not infect other computers or laptops.


Upgrading or replacing your laptop's CPU Processor is always a tricky thing since it undoubtedly voids warranty. Upgrading a laptop CPU rarely makes sense and is often impossible, laptops are engineered products, with limited clearance and few exchangeable parts. It is possible to upgrade the CPU on some laptops, but you'll need to hunt down a specific mobile processor for it and laptops are far more picky than desktop PCs about such upgrades, it's a fiddly process, and depends on a couple of factors, whether the CPU is fixed to the chipset with adhesive or had the pin welded to the socket, and whether it's accessible and can therefore be removed and replaced.


Computer Repair Miami offer a Free pick up and delivery in Miami, and a Flat rate of 49$ for most of computer repairs. Laptop not turning on doesn’t mean that you will need a motherboard replacement in all cases, sometimes the power jack on the motherboard needs to be replaced and having a dim light on laptop screen, does not meant all the times that you need a screen replacement.


The motherboard is possibly the most significant part of a laptop after the processor and it's also not simple to repair a laptop motherboard, whenever a trouble with your laptop motherboard arises, one should not take the risk of repairing it themselves. It is always advisable to entrust your laptop motherboard repairs to an computer repair expert such as Computer Repair Miami. We have professional technicians who have vast expertise in dealing with laptop motherboard problems and can make the accurate diagnosis and carry out laptop motherboard repairs successfully.


Our PC & Laptop repair services include Hardware Installs, Operating System Install, Upgrades, Rebuilds, System Diagnostics, System Builds, Data Backup, and Networking. We have developed a following in the Miami area for our fast and affordable computer repair services. Contact us to find out about how Computer repair Miami can help you with your PC & Laptop repair needs. Our laptop repair technicians service computers running any editions of Windows OS, Mac OS, as well as many Linux Distributions!


Running out of room on your hard drive on your personal laptop computer?

If so, you've found the right place, upgrade your IDE, ATA, PATA laptop hard drive to a larger, faster drive. Computer Repair Miami will handle your issue efficiently and at a fair price, we can repair LCD Screens, Replace & Upgrade Hard Drives and repair power supply issues.


If you've ever used Windows, chances are you've experienced the lovely shade of blue associated with the famous Windows Stop Error or 'Blue Screen of Death. This frequent, although less so in newer operating systems, error occurs whenever Windows senses a software, hardware or driver error which will not allow it to continue operating properly. In other words, it happens all the time, for all sorts of reasons. A BSOD will strike every Windows PC at least once. Computer Repair Miami fix the problems that can cause a Blue Screen of Death. Or, we can just reinstall your OS.


At Computer repair Miami, data loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the fastest standard turnaround time and the highest laptop hard drive recovery success rate in Miami. Since 2009, we delivered what other laptop data recovery service companies can only promise. Each data loss situation is unique and Computer Repair Miami specializes in laptop disk recovery, laptop hard disk recovery and notebook data recovery.


Computer Repair Miami has been serving the Miami community since 2009, and we specialize in Laptop repair both PC & Mac computers, and our staff offers quality and reliable products & services you can count on. In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services in Miami.


We are the trusted business advisor, assuring peace of mind through cultivated expertise, extensive resources, and uncompromising services, we specialize in computer support and I.T. networking for the small to midsize business. Computer Repair Miami make it easy to choose the right technical support solutions to fit your business needs and we are one of the most established and trusted IT managed services and computer networking providers along the East Coast in Miami with our computer shop in Miami, Florida.


Software support services, either onsite or remote, can prevent outages, accelerate issue resolution and meet service level requirements. Once a product version reaches the End of Life date, security related hot fixes, technical support and product downloads will no longer be available.


Users quite often forget their Windows login password, unfortunately there is nothing that they can do to regain access to their Windows computer system by normal means. Windows password can also be compromised by a virus infection, which will cause the system to deny access even when the user is typing the correct password. A virus can damage or modify the system authentication token ending with permanent lockout. If you need windows password removal, call us, and our technicians will remove your windows password and regain access without any data loss.


Computer repair Miami service team proudly presents the fastest password recovery and file un-protection service in Miami. We guarantee the confidentiality, extremely fast response time, reasonable prices and complete satisfaction.


Updates can enhance the security and performance of your computer. Most businesses understand the necessity for adequate computer security, few, however, realize that security measures can also dramatically slow down your systems' performance and Computer Repair Miami technicians are experts in optimizing systems so that security and peak performance can coexist, we'll remove your unwanted programs and performance stealing trial ware, We will perform all system updates, customize your security functions and tweak & test until your system delivers the performance it was designed for all without compromising security.


Is your printer jamming or the print quality not as good as it used to be? We can provide you with our standard next day service or our premium same day service for those emergencies that may come up, you can place a request for Printer or Fax service using our convenient repair shop or call us, and one of our techs will assist you. Our goal is to keep your office equipment running smoothly to minimize your down time.


Internet Connections glitches can be frustrating but with the Computer Repair Miami Troubleshooter, they don’t have to be. Our technicians will quickly and easily diagnose, fix any issues with your Internet connection.


Whether your company’s computer systems have crashed as a result of a malicious internet virus or whether you simply need to upgrade your old and outdated equipment, you will want to know that your computer services company is knowledgeable, honest and reliable and computer repair miami will spend the time to resolve what is really happening on your network.


Computer support services is undoubtedly the demands of email support stay on the apex position. In today's life we simply can't ignore the pivotal role, communication plays and the importance of email technology in this regard. Whether you are a student, working professional, business owner or a housewife; in order to let you meet the modern parameter of communication, email definitely plays a considerable role. You don't have to be an Agent to understand how email has become an integral part of modern life. Let us help you create an account and show you how to use it.


Your laptop, like any machine, will run better if it gets regular maintenance and care, let us get under the hood, clean up some functionality, delete those pesky temp files, update existing software and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in best condition possible.


If you are having trouble printing or do you keep getting strange, threatening pop-up messages? Sounds like you may have picked up a virus or some malware out there on the Internet. Taking care of infections early is important to prevent file corruption and data loss and the good news is our computer technicians enjoy helping return infected technology to good health. Contact us, or have an technician out to your home or office and let us remove that virus.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the lowest computer repair services prices anywhere in Miami. We never charge you for parts you don’t need, because we are a service company and not a retailer. Our certified and trained experts are ready to help you with your laptop or technology needs. But that’s not where it ends. This website was designed with you in mind to bring you the tips and tools you need to keep your system humming, including internet safety, virus removal tips, software downloads and PC maintenance tips. So take a look around and you’ll be glad you did. We have a knowledgeable staff with a streamlined repair process that allows us to offer Grade A service for a fraction of the cost. Computer Repair Miami conducts business on a local scale through several locations in MIAMI-DADE, while cutting costs for our clients. We employs people who possess a drive to learn, excel and collaborate in a collective positive way to impact the work we do for all of customers in Miami.


The laptop only operates when you hold the DC power plug in a certain direction,only runs on battery power,gets no power at all,laptop will not charge battery and suddenly shuts off.


We repair motherboard with bad capacitor shorting out and leaking or replace you laptop motherboard.


As laptop keyboards go bad, oftentimes keys will begin to stick causing erroneus characters to be typed and computer doesn't recognize your keyboard.


Laptop shutdown at random, it slow down during heavy operation, you need to wait 10 minutes before you can start it up again.


The computer runs slower than usual,stop responding or locks up frequently,crashes and them it restarts every few minutes,restarts on its own and does not run as usual.


The Screen is black,laptop start as usual but the screen is very dark, the screen flickers, screen is either black or white and there are stripes on the screen either vertical or horizontal.

Small businesses come to us when they are no longer able to handle internet and networking problems in-house, computer repair miami is able to provide the outsourced support that allows small businesses to focus on what they do best. Computer problems are an all too common occurrence these days and whether it is as simple as slow down when loading programs or something as complex as a boot-up errors, it can be tough to get things working again, the skilled computer repair technicians at Computer Repair Miami have the experience and knowledge to help you with your computer issues. We can repair desktop and laptops computers at your home, or in one of our two locations, whatever your computer repair needs may be and our fast and reliable laptop repair service for homes and businesses is the best in the Miami area.