Laptop Motherboard Repair


A motherboard sometimes alternatively known as the main-board, system board, planar board or logic board is a printed circuit board [PCB] found in all modern computers which holds many of the crucial components of the system, such as the central processing unit CPU and memory, and computer repair miami provides connectors for other peripherals, the motherboard is the nerve center of a computer it helps coordinate the actions of the computer’s components, such as the CPU, RAM, hard drive and video card. It is a crucial component of the computer and necessary replacement should be done with extreme care. While you can replace the motherboard on your laptop yourself, depending on the situation and your skill level, you may wish to find a computer expert to help you.

Reasonably priced alternative!
If you’ve had a liquid spill on your laptop or your power jack come loose or break off.  If your system won’t boot up or is simply acting weird. If you’ve heard a crackling sound or smelled smoke, and neither you nor anyone around you is crackling or smoking, then you need to contact us to find out how to get your computer repaired without it costing you an arm and a leg.

How to do a Motherboard Repair?
Repairing a laptop motherboard requires extreme caution and care; performing the repair yourself can also be very risky. If not careful, this can result to damage beyond repair. The best thing that you can do if you should encounter any problem in your laptop motherboard is to contact your local laptop repair shop they have technicians that are trained in troubleshooting and dealing with various laptop motherboard issues. They can perform an accurate diagnosis on your unit and carry out laptop motherboard repair efficiently.

Common components failures:

Why choose Computer Repair -Mia for your Motherboard Repair?

  • Professionalism -we have trained board level repair technicians ready to solve your motherboard problems.
  • Fast Turnaround -we will diagnose your machine and give you exact estimate within first business day.
  • Better Pricing -we can offer better pricing than most competitors in Miami, Fl.
  • Availability -you can reach a human being at our office phone.
  • We work with urgency -you need your machine back ASAP, not sitting on a tech bench.

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